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Carol Nau

Owner/Soap Designer

My first foray into soap-making began when I planted loofah gourds in my garden. Little did I know that the loofah I had used in the shower was the same loofah vegetable that I grew up eating. A member of the cucumber family, loofah can be eaten or cooked much like a cucumber or zucchini when they are young and no more than six inches long. Here in the States, loofahs are cultivated more as exfoliants. Thanks to the loofah, Nau Soap Haus is a reality!

Nau Soap Haus is a female-owned and operated small business that offers clean, high-quality, handcrafted, natural bath and botanical products.

Our products use ingredients that come primarily from nature; are sustainable; and cause no harm to humans, animals, or the earth. Our ingredients are natural, organic,  and non-GMO. They are free from sulfates, phthalates, parabens, dyes, and lakes (artificial color). They are responsibly sourced from suppliers who do not do any animal testing.

Nau Soap Haus also uses environmentally sensitive packaging using the biodegradable shrink wrap, Biolefin. The beautiful wrapping papers are printed in traditional printing houses in Italy using raw materials sourced from Forest Stewardship Council-certified forestry. They are printed on acid-free paper with environmentally-friendly, vegetable-based inks containing no hazardous air pollutants.

Our products are all lovingly handmade in small batches.

So come on in to our Haus and take a look around. And buy a soap bar while you’re at it. Thank you for supporting our small business while you enjoy our products that clean, nourish, and protect your body and the earth.

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